I love the great design by studio marcus kraft, wonderful photography by Christian Neuenschwander and the beautiful light installation designed by Corsin Zarn and Leandro Destefani. Get a vinyl copy of INFINITY for 35 CHF. Mailing costs within Switzerland are included, please order here:

Die wunderschöne LP wurde von Studio Marcus Kraft designt und schaut auch als Kunstobjekt super aus. Für 35 CHF gehört sie dir.
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Tote Bag

80% recycled cotton, 20% recycled polyester.

Design by studio marcus kraft. Get this pretty tote bag for 25 CHF. Use it as a shopping friend or put your vinyl in it. Order to Free shipping within Switzerland!

Auch die Tasche wurde von Studio Marcus Kraft designt und ist super robust und praktisch. Für 25 CHF gehört sie dir.
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Christian Neuenschwander did the great photography and graphic design for my first EP „YOU“. Get a copy for 10 CHF. Mailing costs within Switzerland are included, please order here:

Special Deals

Vinyl + Tote Bag + CD = 60 CHF

Vinyl + Tote Bag = 55 CHF

Vinyl + CD = 40 CHF

  1. Second Fall Ana Scent 4:24
  2. Lovers On The Run Ana Scent 3:56
  3. Eyes So Low Ana Scent 4:21
  4. Plastic Men Ana Scent 5:08
  5. Royal Flush Ana Scent 5:12
  6. Brain On Fire Ana Scent 4:02
  7. Afterglow Ana Scent 4:39
  8. Too Close Ana Scent 4:18
  9. Too Close - WASSILY Remix - Ana Scent, WASSILY WASSILY, Ana Scent 3:45
  10. Brain On Fire (Single Version) Ana Scent 3:01
  11. Plastic Men (Single Version) Ana Scent 3:25
  12. Too Close (Single Version) Ana Scent 3:23
  13. Lovers On The Run (Single Version) Ana Scent 3:26
  14. You Ana Scent 3:34
  15. Running Away Ana Scent 3:17
  16. Strangers Ana Scent 3:30