My biggest heart work INFINITY is out now.

It was a rollercoaster ride and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the support of my family, my friends and my best co-worker – drummer – producer – Niklaus Gehring Daniel. Thanks buddy, you rock!

I am very happy to share my debut-album with you. You can support me and buy it on iTunes, iGroove or Bandcamp or stream it on Spotify, Apple Music and Youtube. If you have a playlist I am happy to be part of it. Thank you for any kind of support. Spread the love and enjoy life!

Sincerely, Ana

„There is a lot of noise in the POP music world. It is often hard to find the gems through the tricks, gimmicks, false celebrity, wannabees, and just bad music. Ana Scent’s INFINITY album came across our desk, and we are very glad it did. Ana Scent is the real thing. She is an accomplished musician; she understands how to craft a song, a phrase, a feeling. The album INFINITY is terrific; the tunes are catchy, infectious and made us want to get up and dance and sometimes just sit in wonder at the music and the messages.“ – Tim Nugent Head, Music Host

  1. Second Fall Ana Scent 4:24
  2. Lovers On The Run Ana Scent 3:56
  3. Eyes So Low Ana Scent 4:21
  4. Plastic Men Ana Scent 5:08
  5. Royal Flush Ana Scent 5:12
  6. Brain On Fire Ana Scent 4:02
  7. Afterglow Ana Scent 4:39
  8. Too Close Ana Scent 4:18
  9. Too Close - WASSILY Remix - Ana Scent, WASSILY WASSILY, Ana Scent 3:45
  10. Brain On Fire (Single Version) Ana Scent 3:01
  11. Plastic Men (Single Version) Ana Scent 3:25
  12. Too Close (Single Version) Ana Scent 3:23
  13. Lovers On The Run (Single Version) Ana Scent 3:26
  14. You Ana Scent 3:34
  15. Running Away Ana Scent 3:17
  16. Strangers Ana Scent 3:30