Ana Scent

Debut album

My biggest heart work INFINITY is out now. It was a rollercoaster ride and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the support of my family, my friends and the best co-worker, drummer and producer – Niklaus Gehring Daniel. Thanks buddy, you rock! I am happy to share my debut-album with you. You can support me and buy it on iTunes, iGroove or Bandcamp and stream it on Spotify, Apple Music and Youtube. If you have a playlist I am honored to be part of it. Thank you for any kind of support. Spread the love and enjoy! Sincerely, Ana

The great WASSILY-Remix of «Too Close» is out now!

  1. Second Fall Ana Scent 4:24
  2. Lovers On The Run Ana Scent 3:56
  3. Eyes So Low Ana Scent 4:21
  4. Plastic Men Ana Scent 5:08
  5. Royal Flush Ana Scent 5:12
  6. Brain On Fire Ana Scent 4:02
  7. Afterglow Ana Scent 4:39
  8. Too Close Ana Scent 4:18
  9. Too Close - WASSILY Remix - Ana Scent, WASSILY WASSILY, Ana Scent 3:45
  10. Brain On Fire (Single Version) Ana Scent 3:01
  11. Plastic Men (Single Version) Ana Scent 3:25
  12. Too Close (Single Version) Ana Scent 3:23
  13. Lovers On The Run (Single Version) Ana Scent 3:26
  14. You Ana Scent 3:34
  15. Running Away Ana Scent 3:17
  16. Strangers Ana Scent 3:30